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How to Make the Impossible Possible

Making an impossible possible is very much possible. It is quite easy to term something as impossible and leave it aside. On the other hand, it takes a lot of courage, determination, and focus to make something possible. Many crucial factors help to make the impossible possible. Let’s understand those factors one by one.  

Mind Matters a lot:

Maintaining a healthy and positive mind is the first step in making the impossible possible. 

Humans are known as intelligent beings. Why is that so? What makes us intelligent? The thing is that we all have a superpower. Yes, you read it right. We are all super beings. We all have a superpower that sadly we don’t use to our advantage. The superpower that I am writing about is nothing but our minds. 

We simply cannot compare anything (any gadget for that matter) to our minds. It is vast, unlimited, and spectacular. Used rightly, it can do many wonders. It can help us to live a fulfilling life where we can achieve anything and everything that we wish.

Technically our minds can store about 2.5 million gigabytes of data. That’s just about storage capacity. Apart from that, it can analyze and weigh up a person’s character in just 0.1 seconds. Funny isn’t it? We all do this even without thinking.

As per many scientific kinds of research, our mind acts as per our thoughts. Thoughts are the food to our minds. It lives and nurtures itself on our various thoughts, be it positive or negative. We all do many things (like exercising, jogging, yoga, and so on) to keep our physics fit. But have you ever thought of exercising your mind too? If you haven’t, it is time now you do. Exercising our minds is necessary for our mental wellbeing. A healthy mind is the first sign of any success.

We can exercise our minds in many numerous ways. It can be as simple as reading a book or even playing some creative games. Do whatever you like no matter how silly or simple it may sound.  But do exercise your mind regularly so that it stays healthy.

The second step is to gather information from different sources. Any successful deed or task needs information even before we start. Whatever your goal may be – without proper information the task that you are trying to achieve looks impossible. Hence collect information from all the sources that you can find and feed it to your mind.

No good time to start

Most of us wait for the right time to start. Believe me, there is no such thing as a right time. For an achiever, every time is the right time. Once you make up your mind, start working on your dreams right away. Please note that procrastination is a sign of a lazy and hesitant mind.


Fear of failure plays a big role in our life journey. It may sound astonishing but many of us hold back our dreams because of the fear of failure. In truth, our every failure should act as a booster rather than a barrier. Failure is a part of parcel of our life. Accept it with grace and learn something from it so that we don’t do the same mistake when we try again. In truth, every failure has a flip side to it and that is a success – all you need to do is to discover it. For some, it may take more attempts, but eventually, you will discover the other side.

Be persistent:

Being persistent is good quality. Many of our goals need persistent efforts. The more persistent we are, the more chances of ourselves making an impossible possible. In simple words, don’t give up just because you failed in a few attempts. It is important to learn lessons from every failed attempt. The more we fail, the less likelihood of us making the same mistake again. Naturally, this helps us in success.

Stay Focused:

The next step is to keep the focus on one thing while we are trying to achieve something. We could branch our goal into different fragments so that we can easily focus on each of them one by one.

Remember we are the architect of our own life. Let’s not give this absolute power to somebody else. We have to design our life as per our convenience, need, and necessity. When you have made up your mind, stay positive and don’t listen to naysayers.

Don’t expect life to be easy. In truth, it is not meant to be easy. Would you have enjoyed your success if it comes to you just like that? You wouldn’t, right? Accept the struggles that come with challenges. The harder your success, the greater you feel.

Invest time and effort:

Every deed needs time and effort. Just like a baby takes nine months to be born, some of our goals need time and continual effort. Hence be patient and invest these two as required.

Treat obstacles as challenges. In every deed we are bound to face obstacles, be it internal or external. Analyze your obstacles and you will find a way to overcome them no matter how hard they may seem. 

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