About Me​:

I am an Indian Author with six titles published on various platforms. I write in different genres including motivational self-help, romance, dystopian fiction, thriller, and mystery. Presently my four titles are available on Amazon. I strongly believe in the welfare of society and am keen to serve my best to bring in a personal transformation in the lives of others in human society. Apart from the four novels published on the Amazon platform, two of my novels titled CRYONIUM and WARLOCK’S INTERNS are published on international reading platforms.


I love to interact with people and spread awareness about how to live a happy and peaceful life. My recent novel THE HOOLIGAN TURNED HOLY MAN speaks best about my passion for bringing a positive change in society. Presently, I am offering my services as a life coach and a motivational speaker.

For those who feel they must know about my Professional accomplishments:
  • Worked as a creative writer for Prosoft systems, an animation studio in Bengaluru.
  • Worked as a script and screenplay writer for Amnet-Systems, Chennai.
  • Worked as a story and screenplay writer for Green gold animations, Hyderabad.
  • Worked as a story and concept writer for Maya Digital Studios, Mumbai.
  • Worked as a creative writer for Videogyan studios, Bengaluru.
  • Worked as a story, script, and rhyme writer for Sprout Studios, Delhi.

Here is a glimpse of my Author Journey:


Sindu, a young reporter is in the mad rat race of the world. She gets an assignment to interview an upraising godman. As ever, hateful towards self-proclaimed godmen, Sindu meets Sangli Baba, a former hooligan turned holy man. Having a prejudice, she surmises him as a fake godman and is keen to expose him. Surprisingly the view of Sindu begins to change as she hears the story of the former Hooligan Sangli. She is mesmerized by the simple yet effective Sutras that Sangli baba has discovered while being with the Naga Sadhu couple in a distant cave in the Himalayas.


Six Petals is a collection of six short stories. Each story is unique and triggers an emotional turmoil in the mind of readers. The well-crafted six short stories are different in genre, yet at the core, it intends to entertain, educate and motivate the readers through their in-depth interpretation of the meaning of life added, the six stories reveal the different facets of life in dissimilar circumstances.


Ram Prasad, a very loving husband, and a young father gives space to the monster of his mind for a moment and becomes a murderer. It takes him moments, hours, days, weeks, months, and years to contemplate his hasty action, but the great moment does come to him – THE MOMENT OF ENLIGHTENMENT, will it change his remaining short life?


The faces have many facets and people on Facebook make yet another one. The eight young hearts who call themselves FBians fall in love on Facebook. What would happen when they meet face to face? Can they find exactly what they have desired? If not, are they ready to face the true facet of reality? And above all, can real love to sustain reality?


The Princess Chitrakshi of Swarnapuri Kingdom is poisoned by the deadly venom of the underworld Snake King Lord Phaninath.  A savoir plant grown in the cursed mountain is the only counter for the deadly venom. Unfortunately, as per the curse of Lord Trilochana, the mountain is forbidden for all ‘Men and Women’. Can Atma, Bakula, and Vasundhara, the three teenage mates of Princess plunge themselves into the dangerous task and rescue the Princess?


Thousands of  21st century cryopreserved wake up to the much advanced futuristic Brainset society of the 23rd  century, that believes ‘Brain‘ as the vulnerable organ of the human body and is on the verge of replacing it with nano chipsets. The word ‘Love’ is literally out of the context of their Digital Dictum Diary. Mannar and Leon, the two cryo-resurrected teens, take initiative and owe to fight back and reinstate ‘Love’ amid the advanced society. Can they do so without being the victim of it?

The Path to my Self-discovery and Spiritualism

Lost the dearest person in my life; my Mother to Cancer.
Life Lesson Learnt:
Life is fragile. Live, laugh, and love while you can.
Traveled across India to understand the meaning and purpose of life
Life Lesson Learnt:
At the core, all humans are the same irrespective of religion, creed, and ethnicity. We behave, act, and react the same way.
Lost my Father to a sudden Cardiac Attack..
Life Lesson Learnt:
Nothing lasts forever. Life is nothing but a journey that starts with birth and ends with death. We don’t have control over the beginning and the end part of our life. However, everything in between is in our complete control. And, that is what determines who we are.
Studied, observed, and conducted extensive research on human psychology. At the same time, started practicing Yoga, Meditation, and Self-hypnosis.
Life Lesson Learnt:
The best doctor is within us. Our habits, mindset, and lifestyle matter a lot in our life journey.
Became an Author and have been actively involved in social services while spending most of my time with kids.
Life Lesson Learnt:
It’s never too late to become a child again irrespective of our growing age.
Come out of your comfort zone and hesitation. It’s time for you to be BOLD. Bold enough to walk on the right path.

Remember the journey is all yours. I am just a mere guide.


Harsha shastry-Motivational Speaker and Life Coaching

Good session. I liked his session, it was inspiring and informative.

Harish Kumar

I attended a motivational workshop it was good and awesome. Thank you sir for your input. also, a few books written by sir it’s good.

Preeti Tonsalli

I have attended many motivational speeches from different motivational speakers. After reading a novel from this Author, I learned that he gives motivational talks as well. Curiously I registered for one of his private sessions. It was wonderful and quite interesting.

Dinesh s.k

I love the way Harsha explains things in a simple but effective way. If my busy schedule allows, I will attend more of his sessions.

Ravi Kumar

My close friend recommended attending a motivational talk by Harsha. I reluctantly did so. To my amazement, this speaker changed the way I think. He certainly knows how to inspire people. I was mesmerized by the way he imparts effective Sutras

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